ABOUT Kinky Jeff

Who are we?


We are a big band from Hatfield College, Durham University! We're currently 18 men strong, and we also play smaller set gigs for all types of events and balls - providing brilliant nights of entertainment across the university.

How we started


In 2003 Kinky Jeff was born from the mind of Mike Enstone. At the time college music was dominated by the orchestra and chapel choir, meaning rather a lack jazz, swing and funk.  Eight turned up to the first rehearsal, a mix of saxophones, trombones, trumpets and keyboard. The keyboard was called Jeff.

This is where it all began.

And today


Kinky Jeff is going stronger than ever, playing regular gigs at big University balls, events and of course the biggest gigs in Hatfield College.

We tour every year, with recent tours to Dublin, Ghent, Cologne and Brussels - find out more about our tours in the Tour tab (coming soon!)

We take on new members every year and can't wait to meet the next generation of Kinkies.